It's been quite some time since I had the chance to post on the blog but I'm back and have plenty of new blog post coming at you soon, starting with this view into Phuong's lifestyle session.


I couldn't ever speak highly enough about the plum island reservation and how incredible it is to see all of the wildlife nearly untouched. I have known Phuong since we were in middle school so I was very excited when she contacted me to book a shoot, and even more so once we decided we would be shooting at the reservation. It was her first time ever shooting with me and it's safe to say she did great!

Check back soon because this is going to be a double blog post week to make up for the time lost!


I can't even begin to describe how excited I am about this whole shoot. Everything from the weather and location, down to the wardrobe turned out incredible! This honestly has to be one of the most beautiful locations i've shot at in a very long time and to top that, we had the place all to ourselves! Always great to catch up with an old friend and make some beautiful photos!


Had a blast wandering around Downtown Haverhill with Mariana the other night for a little mentoring session I had with her. I was teaching her the basics of night time portraiture. As if shooting at night wasn't interesting enough on its own we were lucky to have start heavily snowing right in the middle of the shoot and I had never been so happy to see snow! Here are a couple of the shots I got of her during our session!

Although it was very alien to me I offered to be on the other side of the camera for her to practice throughout all of her session and she did great! Heres one of her shots of yours truly:

Here is that same photo after editing it myself.

Here is that same photo after editing it myself.